About Us

Very often businesses do not reach a successful stage because they run out of the most important thing: funding.

Capital Funding Option is here to ensure that businesses are given a fair shot at success without having to worry about securing funding when they need it most.

At Capital finding options We :

Fund your business without collateral

Collateral will not be needed to qualify for loans, our services are based on credit and income. All you need is a 680+ FICO score to qualify for funding

Do not impose restrictions on the use of funds

Decide how you use the funding you receive, expansion, inventory, payroll, advertising, or emergencies. No restrictions. You choose how to use your funds:

Do not charge application or upfront fees

Never worry about having to pay anything upfront and applying is 100% free. We will also never impose anything on you like taking more funding than you need.

Capital Funding Options is a success-based organization.