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About Us

Capital Funding Options was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our specialty is helping businesses access the financial assistance and support to thrive. We are here to help startups and existing businesses grow to the next level.

One of the biggest hurdles facing new businesses is lack of funding. We offer financial funding solutions for your business. Working with CFO you get quality service and a team that listens to you and your needs.

Our Process

Step 1

Complete the secure online application and a member of our team will make contact within 24-48 hours.

Step 2

A consultant will go over your pre-approval. We will align you with the best lenders and rates.

Step 3

Receive funding in as little as 7-14 business days. Receive guidance from our funding experts to help you build a good long-term relationship with lenders.

Our Funding Plans

Capital Funding Options offers the following products:

Personal Term Loan

Personal term loan is an ideal financial solution for startups. Funding ranges between $10,000 to $350,000. Choose between 3-7 year loan terms and pay between 5-15% in interest rates (based on creditworthiness). Receive funding in 7-21 business days.

-680 FICO and
- $40,000 personal gross income.

Business Credit Cards

Give your business the boost it needs and get access to funding with a business credit card. Qualify for up to $150,000. 0% interest rate for the first 6-12 months. Accounts for this service report to Business Credit Bureaus.

-720+ FICO
-A registered business in good standing. 

Personal Credit Cards

Have personal funding at your fingertips with a credit line of up to $150,000. Pay 0% interest for the first 12-21 months.

-720+ FICO in order to qualify for this service. 

Why work with us?

Capital Funding Options offer your business options to help you grow. Our industry experts know what works & how to best achieve successful outcomes.

Flexible Funds:

Any time a need arises for capital we are able to offer the most competitive repayment terms and interest rates in the industry.

Convenient terms:

We are about making it work for you. Make use of terms that work for you. You can always review loan options to avoid surprises.

Easy process:

Our process is simple. Apply, consult with us, and receive funding.

Convenient access to funds:

Capital will be deposited directly into your account. You will be able to make withdrawals conveniently at any time.

and trusted:

Thousands of customers can attest to Capital Funding Options. We are A+ rated and committed to making businesses and business owners thrive.


You will receive ongoing support from one of our trained consultants to guide you from start to finish.

Become A Partner

Capital Funding Options has a flexible strategic partner program. See how we can work for your clients. Get access to the highest payouts in the industry, capital raising strategies and the experience of our team to help your clients grow. Real people who care about your clients success.

Find out more about becoming a partner with us & how to apply.

Our team will help expand your business to its full potential!

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