About Misa

Misa De La Torre, the founder of Capital Funding, was born in Caracuaro Michoacan Mexico. After his family immigrated to The United States and his family suffering the loss of their father, the family needed to forge a new way forward in a foreign land.

As Misa grew older, he always wanted to help people and would never say no. He soon learned that it was not wise as many people took advantage. Through these lessons, Misa went on to self teach himself about wealth creation and has been helping people achieve the same over the years. 

Misa’s wealth of experience also extends into matters relating to credit and he has experience working in an underwriting firm in the credit department specifically. As a result, Misa now has a vast understanding of what lenders look for and how lending works.

He now runs a firm where all the work done involves all aspects of credit.

Misa also understands the fundamentals of working with his hands and believes it is a skill some people may lack which is why he is determined to provide as much help to businesses as he possibly can to ensure their success.